• DJs For Weddings

    Stylish Music Across The Generations

    DJs For Weddings
  • DJs For Company Parties

    Hands-In-The-Air Moments At No Extra Charge

    DJs For Company Parties
  • DJs Who Mix

    Creative Live Mixing For Dancefloor-Filling Wizardry

    DJs Who Mix
  • Music Database

    Over 80000 Songs And Counting

    Music Database
  • DJs For Business Events

    Product-Placing Grooves & Unsolicited Party Fun

    DJs For Business Events
  • DJs For Charity Events

    From Dinner Dance Flare To Street Party Tomfoolery

    DJs For Charity Events
  • Types of Parties

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  • Wedding Receptions

    Skillfull DJs mixing tasteful party anthems both old and new for an uncompromisingly spectacular night.

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  • company parties

    Ranging from sophisticated black tie/gala parties, to corporate events rammed with post-work party sass. We strive to create a superb and authentic DJ experience.

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  • University events

    SuperCool DJs rock out proms and events. Supplying DJs who mix in clubs and bars, we know whats hot in the world of modern dance and urban sounds.

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  • Wedding Afterparties

    Party the wole night with a surprise second party. Make it unique with more personal music choices in the mix.  

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  • Promotional events

    promoting companies through selected music in harmony with brand identity. Followed by a staff afterparty to get down at a venue of your choice.

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  • All Day Weddings

    All day music for you to dance down the isle should you choose, followed by the evening party of a lifetime.

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  • Charity Events

    We love spinning the tunes for a charitable cause. Speak to us about your fund raising ideas.

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And heres some quick examples of mixing

"everyone was dancing like crazy fools all night (including me)". - Daniel & Kris 13/8/2011"