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Hottest Wedding Reception Ever!

The Americans really know how to get on it when it comes to wedding parties, and here is an example:

I personally feel that us Brits are for the most part behind, maintaining a post victorian ideology of what a wedding is or should be. "Frumpy", and "put together to keep the oldies happy" are stigmas known to sum up our conservative wedding essence. Where budget goes more on the weddings appearance, and less on the party element. This imminently results in the token cheesy disco being shoved on the tail end, distastefully yet ironically, cancelling out all prior efforts to demonstrate wedding class.

What I love about this video in particular, is that the music they are dancing to is mostly soulful R'n'B across different generations. We have Shalamar from the 80's, and Next from the 90's just to give you a quick example. This so compliments the wedding image as the soulful end of R'n'B is in itself a genre of high status and class, so its no wonder that this kind of music fits like a glove. The couple in the video pulled it off brilliantly.

Weather or not the video above or its music is your cup of tea, there is a reason why youtube is littered with videos similar to this. Its because demonstrations to this degree of style, confidence and fun, is what we are all really after when it comes to the party aspect of a wedding. That is, when you remove all anxiaties of what you think your guests want or what is expected of you, or skewed ideas of where your budget "should" be spent.

Lets not forget that your wedding is a party. It should represent the two of you. Your collective interests and inspirations. If you so happen to have had a life revitalising travel to Thailand some years ago and loved the culture, stick it in the wedding! Weather in the buffet or the venue theming, it says something about you. If the two of you met in a Garage/dancehall club event, or a festival rave with friends, why not have a wedding afterparty? 

The take home message is this: Standing out is the new "proper". It's what gets remembered and talked about. One huge aspect of your wedding to help you stand out is the party entertainment at large, the kind of DJ/band and music you choose. The evening reception is where everybody lets their hair down to have a fantastic time, and I always say to prospective wedding clients to consider their best night out or house party multiplied by a million! Now that is the extent of wedding party fun that I am talking about! 

Sunny P

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"Everyone we have spoken to since have all commented that it was the best music set they have heard at a wedding". Daniel & Kris 13/8/2011"