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A crucial factor in the Business event equation - 'What's the DJ going to be like'? 

Supercool DJs can tap into the flow and energy of the party. Mastery of this flow allows a DJ to take the crowd on the sonic journey which has come to define the all-night unforgetable party essence that pays your employer credibility dividends!

Choose from our company party packages

Promo DJ set - Usually daytime events to help promote a product or service in a public area direct to your prospective customers. Also includes a afterparty for staff. 

Dinner Party DJ set - Evening DJ set for a company dinner party. 

Charity DJ set - A DJ set to help the support of a good cause. 

Christmas Party DJ set - A Christmass party DJ set the Supercool way. £negotiable. Multiple bookings only 

Meet the Supercool DJs

Each of our DJs specialize within certain groups of musical genres and overall approach. Take a look at each profile to find The DJ to siut you. 

Meet the SuperCool DJs

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"Mixing the classic and more recent tunes kept everyone interested. Everything was perfect". - Chris & Laura 04/9/2010"