People Donate Cash When They Are Having A Good Time

Whether you have a classy dinner party in mind or an out door family event etc, the chances are, having a professional DJ on sight mixing the tunes that appeal to your demographic will add more of of an occasion to the event. Moods are elevated, and people enjoy themselves. 

From RAG endorsed festival events to groovin with Cancer Research out on a field. We have experience in the various forms a charity event can take. We can supply DJs along with lighting and a sound system fitting to the event. Talk to us about your fund-raising ideas as nothing beats a good party for a good cause!

Prices? Prices? Oh We Got Prices!

Contact us about your charity event ideas and we can discount our usual pricing by up to 80%

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"all the fears we had of an empty dancefloor were put to bed right from the start"!! Marie & Rob 21/5/2011"