Five Reasons To Choose Supercool DJs

  • 1Because Weddings Should Be Stylish And Elegant

    At your wedding the guys will be suited up and looking dapper, the women, beautifully dressed and their hair all did. Its going to be the party of a lifetime!

    A tasteful, all encompassing musical vibe is what its all about. Having a well chosen DJ means the difference between empty dancefloor embarrasment, and the quintessential party that everyone wants. We specialize in the latter, with everybody of different generations and music tastes on the dancefloor and in the thick of the action! Read more...

    Easy to use music search database
  • 2Because DJs Should Have Skills

    A big reason why the DJ has become a cultural icon in recent decades, is because they can intuitively beat-mix the music live and on the fly to contextualize the rhythmic flow in harmony with the atmosphere of the event. 

    We only supply DJs with a strong knowledge of both mixing technique, and the aesthetic/rhythmic relationships between different styles of music. This is essential to rocking out an audience who have varied musical tastes. On the other hand, songs played one after the other at random is no more exciting than an Ipod. Heck, it's what the headphones and decks were originally there for! 


    Live mixing to wow your audience
  • 3 No More Umming And Arring At What Your Guests Might Dance To

    We understand how hard it can be to to draw a safe balence between the music you truley love, and what your guests are likley to dance to.

    Thats why our online music database makes it simple for you and your guests to add song requests well in advance of your event, and add comments/dedications for each song. You can give important guests  thier own access so that they can add thier favorite music in the same way as you can. This means on the night, the DJ will have every advantage with a bespoke, organically grown, winning music list! They can mix all of your favorite tunes seamlessly and in just the right direction to siut each moment of the party.

    Dont worry, you can vet your list, and remove anything thats too cheesy!!



  • 4Because Business Events Should Be Dynamic And Outstanding

    Weather you are planning a charity fundraiser, a fashion catwalk, or a new shop opening, few other promotional elements connect to your audience more directly and emotionally than the music played.
    Music brings people together, and the right music that socially/culturally fits to your demographic can boost your brand image and public attention a lot more than you might expect. Since different people tend to gravitate toward different styles of music, it is important to establish who it is you are trying to reach out to, so that our take on the music will fit your marketing angle like a glove! Pus, if we can manage to kindle up an impromptu dance party in the process then all the better! 

    Fresh, Fun and Funky
  • 5Because Of All The Legal Stuff

    All bookings are confirmed by way of signing recorded Terms & Conditions, and payments are made securely online and/or by bank transfer.

    Our approach is one where in-demand DJ know-how meets sought after professionalism. All photos taken on this website are from past events, and we are happy to have shared many happy party moments. We look forward to sharing more with you!

    *All DJs are insured with at least £5000,000 public liability (certificates can be forwarded to venue/management etc).

    *All DJ equipment regularly PAT tested

    *All wiring safely taped down 

    *No use of any lighting thats known to provoke epilepsy

    *No bubble machines that can make the dance-floor slippery (who wants bubbles!?)

    *No tinny sound systems or harsh frequencies on your ears

    *No 'cash in hand' hanky-panky thats synonymous with all too many Disco Daves!!


"all the fears we had of an empty dancefloor were put to bed right from the start"!! Marie & Rob 21/5/2011"