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How The Afterparty Works

In venues with a legal music cut-off time, the only way to have an afterparty is to start the evening DJ set party early and follow into a fake ending! Why not? Its a great way to eliminate the possibility of early evening boredom as far as your guests are concerned. Plus every one loves an ending suprise.

At venues with no music cut off time the sky is the limit and you can party all night if you choose! 

Make Your Afterparty Unique

We've had weddings where the bride and groom booked the DJ for an extra hour and a half specifically to mix 90's house reminiscent to their clubbing days. Others, with a heaviy metal Rock showdown! Its things like this which get your wedding day truly remembered amongst your inner circle of family and friends in years to come.

The Afterparty can be tailored exclusivley to your personal favorite music only. What you have on your ipod, what takes you back to your student days, what reminds you of that terrific holiday etc

Create A Killer Request List

our online music database makes it easy for you to add song requests for your afterparty well in advance of your event, and add comments/dedications for each song. This means on the night, the DJ will have every advantage and mix tracks seamlessley together for non-stop dancing.

*Bare in mind there is no price difference (or any difference) if you have a longer-than-usual evenign reception. The Wedding Afterparty is only an idea based on extending the evening reception longer than normal (3-5 hours).

Other supercool Wedding Ideas

All Day Wedding DJ - backround music during the day, party music during the evening.

Evening Reception - The traditional evening reception DJ set, the Supercool way.

Prices? Prices? Oh we've got prices!

We don't do the naughty thing of ramping up our costs just because its a wedding! Contact us to talk about your party!

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"Everyone we have spoken to since have all commented that it was the best music set they have heard at a wedding". Daniel & Kris 13/8/2011"