Music All Day Party All Night

Wether its the sound of Jazz aerating in the summer outdoors, or loungy soul grooves inside. We will help you to create just the kind of ambience and allure thats signature to your wedding day.

Your Wedding Is An All Day Party

So having all day music makes sense. You can have as many hours of music during the day as you like. We advise that the all day music DJ set ends right when the Evening Reception starts.

We have a useful selection of hour long playlists for you to choose from for your all day music. You can select as many playlists as you have hours leading up to the evening party. Or you can make ones up yourself.

Wine Swirling Sophisticated Chill

Back round music can cultivate social chatter as well as build an underlying anticipation for the evening party. Many clients want back round music to ease people into the wedding spirit.

Foot Tapping Lesser-Known Grooves

Towards the end of the afternoon the DJ will slowly start to pick up the pace and get people in the mood for dancing. Expect people to start lightly shuffling to the music and heightened social buzz.

Create A Killer Request List

our online music database makes it easy for you and your guests to add song requests well in advance of your event, and add comments/dedications for each song. This means on the night, the DJ will have every advantage with a bespoke, organically grown, winning music list and mix tracks together seamlessley for non-stop dancing.

Other Supercool Wedding Ideas

Evening Reception - The traditional evening reception DJ set, the Supercool way.

Wedding Afterparty DJ - Too many receptions end soon after the buffet has been digested and everybody's ready to get down. Have a party suprise that no one will forget!

Prices? Prices? Oh we got prices!

We don't do the naughty thing of ramping up our costs just because its a wedding! Contact us to talk about your party!

Meet the SuperCool DJs

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"Mixing the classic and more recent tunes kept everyone interested. Everything was perfect". - Chris & Laura 04/9/2010"