Decks Beats And Wedding Elegance

Yes, you can have a stylish DJ at your wedding. Yes, expect a dynamic mix of tasteful tunes both new and old. Yes, you and your guests are going to love it! Read more...

First Dance Flare

Whether you want to go down the traditional route of a crowd gathering slow dance, or a no nonsense parade straight in with your favourite Ibiza club tune! Your DJ will announce the first dance in a way to suit you prior to your wedding day. 
Music  Policy

Many of our clients want an eclectic festival of sound (especially those with family from around the globe). This can include old-skool Motown/Disco/Soul and Jazz classics for the older generations, back-in-the-day 90's club & R'n'B hits and the latest chart offerings for you guys. Much of the time, the musical flow can detour toward sing along anthems, Reggae dad rock every so often.

Think of it as a combination of a tasteful wedding party and the sensations of a brilliant night out! 

Create A Killer Request List

our online music database makes it easy for you and your guests to add song requests well in advance of your event, and add comments/dedications for each song. This means on the night, the DJ will have every advantage with a bespoke, organically grown, winning music list for the party!

Up Your Party Swag

We have some interesting party concepts for avid party freaks and music connoisseurs alike.

All Day Wedding DJ - backround music during the day, party music during the evening.

Wedding Afterparty DJ - Too many receptions end soon after the buffet has been digested and everybody's ready to get down. Have a party suprise that no one will forget!

Prices? Prices? Oh We've got prices!

We don't do the naughty thing of ramping up our costs just because its a wedding! Contact us to talk about your party!

Meet the SuperCool DJs

Not sure what you're looking for? Talk to us and we'll help.

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"The mixing skills were first class. We will use your company and Sunny again". Darren & Yana 25/9/2010"